We participated in the Vocational Education and Employment Workshop organized under the coordination of the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Planning, Education and Culture Commission.

In the "Vocational Education and Employment Workshop" held with the participation of the Minister of Provincial Education Mahmut Özer, it was noted that serious projects and studies were carried out all over the world to strengthen the link between vocational education and employment. It was emphasized that successful students should prefer vocational education in order to train human resources with the skills expected by the business world in the 21st century.

Expressing the necessity of including the private sector in all education processes, Özer said, "Let's update the curriculum together, plan the skills training of the students in the business together, plan the on-the-job and professional development trainings of on-the-job and teachers' field and workshop teachers together, which is critical in the quality of vocational education. This is the ground of cooperation he has been waiting for since. We quickly established strong collaborations with the strongest representatives of the industry in all fields we provide training in vocational high schools." he said.

Ozer; Thanking the President of MUSIAD, its managers and everyone who contributed to the process, "Hopefully, we will now join hands with our businessmen and reveal brand new success stories about vocational education. We will show all parents and families that vocational education is a very critical type of education for the future of the country." said.

We believe that the Workshop will serve as a bridge between vocational education and the business world, and will fill a huge gap in training qualified personnel sought by the Turkish business world.

As HTS Caster Systems Production Company, we support all kinds of work in the field of bringing our young people into the profession and making them sustainable.